Our Story

Where it all began?

With two young daughters, we are forever doing arts and crafts in our house. In the year when we happened across BoozyBaubles®, we never really set out to combine some Christmas crafts with alcohol but being tired and overworked parents, it became a logical next step. It was Christmas, we were creating baubles and rather than fill them with glitter or stickers, we tried water, milk, juice and finally alcohol. 

That year we made one bauble each for all of our extended family.  We filled them with their favourite drink and shared them before Christmas so that they could hang on their trees. We’re not sure who succumbed to temptation first but the BoozyBaubles® were a talking point on everyone’s tree that year and we realised it was something more people could enjoy.

We started BoozyBaubles® with our children and they continue to be involved today. They do this to make people happy and want to help those people that are a little less fortunate. That’s why we will commit to giving at least 10% of our profits to a charity of their choosing every year.