We want you to get creative with your BOOZYBaubles® this Christmas and we love hearing all about it on our social media pages.  Make sure to post your most inspirational BOOZYBaubles® or simply your "best in class" tree, adorned with BOOZYBaubles® aplenty.

Here are just a few of the ideas customers have shared with us, taking full advantage of BOOZYBaubles®, giving you the freedom to fill them with whichever drink you choose:


The Classic Gin Filled Bauble

It's exactly what it says on the tin.  A gin filled bauble is always a winner but why not try vodka, rum, Irish Cream liquor or whisky?  Hung with care they make your Christmas tree stand out from the crowd or can be repackaged in our quality presentation box and sent as a secret santa or gift to someone who you know enjoys a merry Christmas.


The Cocktail Bauble

BOOZYBaubles® are perfectly formed to contain your favourite cocktail.  Why not add that extra special effort and make your favourite person's cocktail of choice and gift it to them?  You are guaranteed to give the most memorable gift this year and they will have the best decorated tree.

Our favourite cocktails of choice are Gin Martinis, putting vodka to great use in an Appletini, Mai Tais with your rum, or bourbon for an Old Fashioned.

Why not go all out and put various spirits in the BOOZYBaubles®, along with a recipe so your friends can have fun making their own cocktails?

Make sure to let us know your cocktail of choice and post pics on Facebook or Instagram. Lets get #BOOZYBaubles trending! 


The Table Bauble

Add some fun to your Christmas table by pre-filling your BOOZYBaubles® with your guests' drink of choice.  Hang them on the tree with name tags and ask your guests to pluck them freshly off the tree and take them to the table on Christmas Day.

Everyone can sit proudly with their personalised BOOZYBaubles® and enjoy pouring and drinking as a family.  Exactly what Christmas is about.


The Wedding Favour Bauble

Ok, this one is pretty specific but why not make your Christmas wedding stand out by having BOOZYBaubles® for each of your guests as a wedding favour? 

This way your guests can think of your wedding every Christmas when they hang their personalised BOOZYBaubles® on their tree.


*****Please drink and decorate sensibly*****

Please don't leave your alcohol filled baubles where children or animals can reach them. If filled with alcohol, don't give them as a gift to anyone under the legal drinking age in your country.